No entendí el numero 7

... so, let's make the 8th day, (this post will be in English). Really really I don't like so much Disney, & I don't have Disney Channel, but I said yes to the challenge "I accept the challenge", so the photo is below....

Thomas Brodie Sangster disney
Nothing! I'm not a pedophile! he's 20, well that photo is from years ago, but looks pretty & I'm still 17.

Thomas Brodie Sangster DisneyThis is from 2010, and he's sexy and lovely, and also...

This guy starring in the serie "Phineas & Ferb" (his voice), he is Ferb, he starring in Nanny McPhee & most recently on "Nowhere Boy", where interprets to Paul McCartney.

I don't like the series live action from Disney (except Wizards of Waverly Place), special honorific to Joe Jonas, because he makes me hot! ._.

Today I woke up late! & BTW his name's Thomas Brodie Sangster.

*spelling mistakes and errors say to me, please

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L De dijo...

ok so how the post its in english my comment its in english too!!

i love that kid!!!! well not a kid anymore but anyways he is sooooo cute!! i love his eyes they're like bambi eyes!

and i like disney channel live series but the old ones like that's so raven and lizzie mcwire and zack and cody when they were still cute and the one with shia leboufe that i don't remember the name, anyway

lots of kisses honey!