You know me

Hi everyone, this going to be my first day of school (I guess) so... wish me luck... I've not slep tonite'... I got a (big) england accent, 'cause my night was full of SKINS (3rd Temp)... Now, I know I love JJ (I understand him), & I love Emily, she's all pure & beauty... I'm sick cause I'm barefoot since yesterday, almost the 9 o clock, or something.

Well now I have to go to shower & then, the school, according my timetable I go to school at 9, but I have to go more early 'cause I don't know which going to be my classroom & that stuff.

I need some weed. I love weed know. In this life you have to try everything at least once, or twice, or more... Just don't & fuck 'em.

A lot of jokes or phrases from skins... I guess... Well, I love the weed. I have nothing more to say, so... goodbye people, see you soon & have a wonderful day. I love you & fuck 'em. If I had seen Skins before breaking with my ex, I could have called him Nips. Love you, babe.

I'm not drunk & I'm not in drugs (I want it, but...). The photos are mine (you know me, Me & my clouds), I took them yesterday. Love ya'll bastards, xoxo.

Fuck 'em

listen to: everyone but you - the young veins

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L De dijo...

hahahaha me pasa igual cada que veo skins, me entra por fingir acento british anyway

un besote!!