I want him!

Today I'm feeling kinda weird, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, All I want is you, or him (whatever), & why in english? Really I don't know... but... well... yeah! My english is bad... I want him!

Tomorrow I'll go to my school, I don't wanna sleep, I wanna talk to him, I wanna tell him... Hello! I like you so much!,You make me so looney, I feel good talking with you, the other day I cried for you, the reason... you started the chat, & sometimes I don't want this feeling & sometimes this feeling is the best, is my reason for smile, you make me very happy & I don't know you. Maybe it's just a impossible love.

Is too late, but I wanna talk with you, & I wanna hide that post, but you... oh my... I'm so stupid, I'm just a lover... but you are...

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